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Psychology for Kids, with Authors Dr. Jacquie Toner and Dr. Claire Freeland

The Ivy is delighted to welcome two Baltimore-based clinical psychologists, and award-winning authors of several other books, Dr. Jacquie Toner and Dr. Claire Freeland, to talk about their new book, Psychology for Kids: The Science of the Mind and Behavior. This talk is geared to teachers, school counselors and administrators, parents, and others for whom an introduction to psychology will be a valuable resource.

This attractive and engaging text, geared towards middle grades, invites readers into the scientific study of psychology, a topic typically reserved for college classrooms, but which the authors make clear for young readers. Each chapter entices students with accessible and relevant content, including personality, intelligence, sleep and emotions. Chapters are complemented by colorful diagrams and illustrations. Students are given the opportunity to experiment in “Try This,” to read about studies in “Check Out the Research” and to “Explore Further.”  Toner and Freeland even include a chapter on the environment and psychology. A bulleted summary completes each chapter, appropriately titled “Now You Know.” 

Kirkus writes that this book is “a useful and engaging overview.” It’s certain to be a winner in every middle school curriculum.

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Jacqueline B. Toner, Ph.D., and Claire A. B. Freeland, Ph.D., are clinical psychologists in Baltimore. Each has more than 30 years of experience working with children and parents in private practice. They are the authors of several bestselling self-help books for young people.






Event Details

Saturday, November 6, 2021 - 3:00pm


Back Patio
5928 Falls Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21209

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