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Humanities in the Village: Women's Health in Ancient Egypt with Lingxin Zhang

The Ivy Bookshop and Bird in Hand present the latest installment of Humanities in the Village featuring Lingxin Zhang.

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This talk derives from my research on women's health in ancient Egypt. First, it offers an  overview of ancient Egypt’s medical, magical, and divinatory corpora and how these practices  were employed en masse to care for women. The talk then discusses the limitation of relying  solely on the aforementioned materials to reconstruct women’s care in ancient societies, as  these artifacts primarily reflect the practices of male physicians from ancient Egypt. Finally, the  talk concludes by commending future research to incorporate ethnographic studies of midwifery.  

Lingxin Zhang is a recently-defended PhD of Egyptology. She earned her doctoral degree from  Johns Hopkins University and will join Yale University in Fall 2021 as the Lector of Ancient Egyptian Languages. Her research interest lies in early sciences, divination, and gender in  Graeco-Roman Egypt. Though specializing in philology, Zhang complements her studies with  interdisciplinary discussions of textual evidence. Zhang is a member of multiple excavations,  including the Mut Temple Expedition and the Egyptian-Chinese archaeological mission at the  Temple of Montu, Karnak.






Event Details

Monday, June 28, 2021 - 6:30pm



by Dr. Radut