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Apprentice House Press Presents: Lynne Viti, Diane Gensler, and Ron Cassie

The Ivy is thrilled to welcome Lynne Viti, Diane Gensler, and Ron Cassie for readings from their new books published by Apprentice House Press. This event will take place on Zoom.

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About the Books:


Dancing at Lake Montebello by Lynne Viti

Dancing at Lake Montebello begins at the dawn of the civil rights era, calling up memories of life in Baltimore, the most segregated U.S. Northern city, and moves through the poet's coming of age in the turbulent '60s and '70s. The book's final section, "More Dangerous for All of Us," melds the personal and the political--illness, death, loss and grieving, as seen through the eyes of one moving through middle age--and acknowledges the solace that nature and spiritual reflection provide. Mixing free verse and traditional forms such as sonnets, the poems are accessible to a wide range of readers. Childhood summers at Ocean City, antiwar protests, civil unrest after the assassination of Martin Luther King and the death of Freddie Gray, first love, marriage, divorce, and finding love again in mid-life--all topics are fair game for Viti, whose keen eye for visual and emotional detail invites the reader into experiences from the tragic to the joyful.

Lynne Viti, a native of Baltimore, is a lecturer emerita in the Writing Program at Wellesley College. A graduate of Mercy High School and Barnard College, she is the daughter of a Highlandtown tavern owner and a schoolteacher. Her previous books are Baltimore Girls, The Glamorganshire Bible, and Going Too Fast: Stories. She blogs at lynneviti.wordpress.com.

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Forgive Us Our Trespasses: A Memoir of a Jewish Teacher in a Catholic School by Diane Gensler

Have you ever been the odd man out? A different breed? A fish out of water? Join the author as she navigates foreign territory as the only Jewish person teaching in a Catholic school. Experience the joy and memorable moments as well as the sting of anti-Semitism and ignorance. Despite the challenges, she discovers that the job was a blessing in disguise and fate may have played a hand in her school placement.

Diane Gensler is a certified English and special education teacher. In addition to teaching in public and private schools, she developed educational software, tutored online and wrote and managed online curriculum. She is a Maryland Writing Project Teacher Consultant and a mentor. A native Baltimorean and mother of three, she is an active member of multiple Parent Teacher Associations, the Baltimore Jewish Writers Guild, the Jewish Genealogy Society of Maryland and other clubs and organizations.

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If You Love Baltimore It Will Love You Back: 171 Short But True Stories by Ron Cassie

Baltimore senior editor Ron Cassie has garnered national awards for his coverage of the death of Freddie Gray, sea-level rise on the Eastern Shore, and the opioid epidemic in Hagerstown. This collection of short stories, culled from a decade spent roaming around Charm City with a notebook in his back pocket, is different, however. They are of the kind of wide-ranging city writing and literary journalism that speaks directly to the fabric of a place. There are encounters with former Rep. Elijah Cummings, former Senator Barbara Mikulski, and Orioles Hall-of-Famer Jim Palmer. But more often, these stories revolve around people few Baltimoreans have heard of--a blind police detective, old Jewish boxers, a flower shop owner, the city native who created the statue of Billie Holiday in Upton. Each story makes the picture of Baltimore and its work-a-day inhabitants--gritty, resilient, quirky--clearer and more complex at the same time.

Ron Cassie is a senior editor at Baltimore magazine, where he's won national awards for his coverage of the death of Freddie Gray, sea-level rise on the Eastern Shore, and the opioid epidemic in Hagerstown. He reported from Haiti in the days following the tragic earthquake, New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and from Uganda as part of a humanitarian relief effort. His work has appeared as a notable selection in The Best of American Sports Writing, in Newsweek, Huffington Post, Grist, The New York Daily News, The Baltimore Sun, several alternative weeklies, including Baltimore City Paper, and Urbanite, where he served as editor-in-chief before coming to Baltimore. He has been a finalist for the Folio and City and Regional Magazine Association Writer of the Year awards. He is a two-time Religion Writer of the Year runner-up. He holds masters degrees from Georgetown University and The Johns Hopkins University where he teaches in the Master of Arts writing program. Prior to becoming a full-time journalist, he spent almost two decades swinging a hammer, riding a bike, and pouring drinks for a living.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2020 - 7:00pm



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